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The Meridian District has seen some impressive improvements in the last few years. We are working to continue that momentum with the following proposed projects and are looking for project sponsors and partners to make these ideas come to reality.


Your ideas for what you'd like to see in the District are welcomed as well. Send us a message with your thoughts!


We would love to see more lighting within the Meridian District! Well-lit streets and businesses are inviting, festive, and increase safety. Lighting will also help define the Meridian District and encourage folks to gather and "stay awhile" in the District.

We are currently seeking funding partners for this initiative. Email us to learn more!


Pocket Park

We are looking for unused space within the Meridian District to offer District guests a mini park to relax in. There are numerous ways a space like this could be used, and details are undetermined at this point. Location will be a big factor in the amenities the pocket park could offer.


If you know of a space that could be used for this project, please contact us!

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 10.06.53 PM.png

Light Pole Banners

Parts of the Meridian District received light pole banners on newly painted black light poles in recent years. Our goal is to have every lamp post within the District painted black with logoed banners to create a welcoming sense of place.

We are currently seeking funding partners to complete this project.

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