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Yankton's Downtown Yoga Studio

A warm, welcoming community for yoga students of all levels located in the Meridian District.

Yoga instructor and students during a Gentle Express yoga class at Heady Heart Healing Arts yoga studio in Yankton's Meridian District, Southeast South Dakota
Yoga Class at Heady Heart Healing Arts

An Oasis for Health and Healing

Peaceful. Inviting. Beautiful. Yankton’s downtown yoga studio is all of that and oh so much more. Heady Heart Healing Arts is a space to give your mind, body and soul the attention they need and deserve to be a healthier you. From group classes to one-on-one sessions, owner Heather Brockmoeller, CYT-200, is passionate about offering an oasis where people can go to heal and strengthen themselves.

While traditional yoga does improve one’s physical, mental and emotional health, Heather’s services extend well beyond yoga classes. Heady Heart helps others go beyond the physical practice of yoga into deeper therapies like meditation, breath work and sound healing. These offerings come in the form of group classes or private sessions to cater to people’s schedules and comfort levels.

The Space

I recently attended one of Heather’s lunch-hour group yoga classes (Gentle Express) to experience the instruction, studio, and atmosphere first-hand. Upon entering the renovated historic downtown building, I was first of all impressed at the transformation of the space. She has done an amazing job of creating a spacious, bright, and welcoming studio that immediately puts you at ease. I swear I could feel my shoulders relax muscle by muscle as I walked around the space, taking it all in.

Heather showed me where I could find a variety of yoga props to ensure I would have the tools on hand to be comfortable during the group class. “They are little pieces of magic. They eliminate space and create space,” says Heather. For you non-yogi’s in the back, props include yoga blocks, extension straps, pillows, blankets, and mats. (Yes, this sounds like the props needed for a lunch-hour snooze. When they say “make this practice your own,” that’s another way of saying, "you do you". If you want to use that time for a 35 minute power nap, go for it! You’re in a judgement-free zone.)

The Class

Yoga students stretching during Gentle Express Yoga at Heady Heart Healing Arts Yoga Studio in Yankton, South Dakota
Gentle Express Yoga at Heady Heart Healing Arts Yoga Studio

Others started to file in one by one for the 12:15 pm class, greeting each other with warm smiles and friendly banter. You could tell they attend class on the regular and have developed a camaraderie that made this class a highlight of their day. They also welcomed me, a newcomer to the studio, and made me feel right at home.

As we moved through our sun salutations, downward dogs, side angles, and balance postures, I thought of how perfect this class was for the noon-hour timeframe. It was just enough work to get my blood flowing, my posture corrected, and my muscles engaged, yet not so strenuous that I was working up a sweat that would inevitably leave me uncomfortable the rest of the afternoon as I returned to my desk to work. It was 35 minutes — the perfect amount of time to fit in over a one-hour lunch break. The peaceful setting was ideal for clearing my mind and letting any stress of the morning melt away. I could see why the yogis around me made this a regular habit.

Another thing I appreciated about this class was that it really does cater to all levels and abilities. Heather offers modification options and is very clear from the beginning that it’s important to listen to your own body and make the practice your own. At 28 weeks pregnant, she even took time to point out some prenatal precautions and modifications prior to class beginning to make sure my baby and I would be comfortable.

Holistic Healing

After getting to chat with Heather after class a bit, I learned that she has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Heather has always dreamed of having her own studio where she can create a space that belongs to all of those looking for or wanting to share their gifts of healing and wholeness. She envisions her studio to be home to a variety of alternative healing services offered by a variety of people. NOTE: If you’re reading this and want to know more about these opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out to her!

A Partner in Yoga

Instructor Alice Miller demonstrating a yoga post in a bright, inviting yoga studio.
Yoga Instructor Alice Miller

You’ll also find private sessions and group classes offered by yoga instructor Alice Miller, RYT-200. Alice formerly instructed yoga at Soul Story Yoga Studio and developed long-lasting relationships with many yoga students in the community. Together, Heather and Alice complement each other and collaborate to offer special events, like Beer Yoga and Restorative Yin. You’ll find their upcoming events on the Heady Heart Healing Arts Facebook page.

Find class schedules and private offerings here. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Heady Heart Healing Arts

215 Mulberry Street, Suite 1

Yankton, South Dakota

(605) 622-0736

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