Board of Directors

The Meridian District is a non-profit organization structured by a board of directors consisting of 10 volunteer members from various industries and backgrounds dedicated to the continuous improvement of Yankton's Downtown.


Jessica Scott
Executive Director

With a background in marketing and event planning, Jessica is excited to breath new life into downtown Yankton. From promotions to events and storefronts to economic redevelopment, she is your point of contact for what's going on downtown.

phone: (605)299-9734

Business Improvement District - BID

What is a BID? 
A Business Improvement District or BID is a defin3ed area within which property owners are required to pay an addition tax (or levy).

Who is effected by the BID?
The boundaries of the Meridian District are set as Linn to Burleigh & 5th to the River.

How much will I pay?
The percentage of the BID that you will be taxed on is based on the assessed value of your property within the district's boundaries. Contact Jessica Scott for specific details.

Where does the money go?
The funds raised are used by the Meridian District for the improvement and growth of the Meridian District. An outline of projects is coming soon!


Goals of the BID

  • To enhance the physical and economic well being of the Meridian District.
  • To enhance the physical and economic well being of the Meridian District.
  • To maintain an organization to oversee the promotion, maintenance, appearance and economic structure of the District.